Kyōsuke Kanō is the protagonist and title character of Hungry Heart: Wild Striker.


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Kyosuke is said to be very impatient and this is shown when he is on the soccer field, always trying to get the ball or shot. Although Kyosuke and his brother both share the never giving up spirit in soccer since when everyone thinks the ball is dead, they always try to get it. Kyosuke did this in his game when he used his head to pass, when it was close to the OOB line, while Seisuke in his Japanese rep. match shoting the ball from very close the the OOB line. People also say he has a an intresting personality that will make anyone and everyone want to watch him during a soccer match.

Family Edit

Later on, we find that Kyosuke's parents were killed in a car accident when he was a newborn baby. His biological dad, Narumi Keisuke was a former player for the national team.

Early LifeEdit

Kyosuke was taught soccer by his brother, they use to go the the shrine which is a place Kyōsuke learned the ins and outs of soccer from his illustrious elder brother, A.C. Milan playmaker Kanō Seisuke. Both of them practiced and trained, kyosuke watched as his brother trained harder than anyone to become the way he is today and that is why Kyosuke idolizes him dispite his cold or distant personality towards him. Kyosuke was told by his brother that he could be a real ace striker, because his shots had immense power at a very young age which was the signature of a true striker.

During his junior school days, kyosuke used to play as a striker for his team but had a bad reputation due to his short temper




his teams second year

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Kanou and Miki

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